Microexpression analysis

The latest research shows that humans base their decisions, more often than not, on emotions rather than reason. This is exactly why it is much more productive to measure what people feel rather than ask them what they are doing or thinking.
Through the measuring of emotions you can obtain a much more certain predictor of human behavior.
This method objectively captures the emotions that are generated by a stimulus (audio, video, image), by making use of the newest technology – a specialized software for the analysis of microexpressions.

Why is this research method a more accurate one than others?

Because it measures the subject’s reaction without him/her realizing what is being observed, and without interference from the experimenter. Other studies in which subjects are asked what they feel/felt, are not as accurate because, when prompted to answer, subjects tend to over-rationalize their answers.

What this method basically offers are answers to questions such as “What does the consumer feel?”, “Is the consumer happy with what I am selling him/her?”, “Is my advertisement transmitting happiness?”.


  1. Marketing Research:
  • Ad Testing

In the case of market research, our software can be used in order to see the way in which people react to a video or poster advertisement or to a new commercial design.

Moreover, our software can create comparisons between the emotions felt in relation to two or more video/poster ads or commercial designs, while at the same time showing the difference in intensity between two felt emotions.

  • Consumer behavior/ Product testing

Daniel Kahnemann, Nobel Prize laureate for economics, has shown that there are two systems that our brain utilizes when solving problems: a fast thinking system (based on emotions) and a slow thinking system (based on reason and logics).

Many of the decisions consumers make with respect to the purchase of a product are made utilizing the fast thinking system. Consumers base their decision on the first emotional reactions that they have in relation to that specific product.

The software can also be utilized in order to see what are the emotions felt by a consumer in relation to  a product.


  1. Usability testing for various services or products
  • User’s emotions represent an essential factor in evaluating the efficiency and ease-of-access of an interface such as the one offered by web sites or smartphone/ tablet apps or any other interface that mediates between a client and a service being offered.
  • Our microexpression analysis software can be used to obtain an instant evaluation of the emotions that users feel when interacting with a specific interface, emotions that represent a decisive factor in creating the wish to buy and in deciding to buy, own and continue to use a product or an app or to return to a specific service or service provider.


  1. Human Computer Interaction
  • The microexpression analysis software can also be utilized in order to identify the emotional satisfaction of software users – for example testing an operating system or a video game.


  1. The analysis of microexpressions in politics
  • The emotions transmitted by politicians offer important information concerning the truth of their claims.
  • According to the correlation between their nonverbal language and their verbal expression, we can verify the truthfulness of their speech.
  • This service can be utilized in electoral campaigns in order to identify the opponent’s weaknesses or your own strengths and weaknesses.

Other uses

According to client’s needs, our team can create various experimental settings that test the reactions of the subjects.

Quantitative Analysis

Our specialists utilize the following instruments in realizing a quantitative analysis:

  • Phone Questionnaire – CATI study
  • Online Questionnaire – CAWI study
  • Face-to-face Questionnaire – Street interview

Observation Through Specialized Behavioral Analysis Software

The analyses realized through this method can be adapted to our client’s needs. Therefore, you have the freedom of choosing the behavioral indices that have a high significance for you and which will be measured in an objective manner. For example, the software can measure how many times a subject made a particular move (brought his hand close to his mouth) or for how many seconds he stood in front of a stimulus.

Applications of the behavioral analysis software

  1. Interactions between consumer and product inside a store
  • Our behavioral analysis software has a wide range of applications in terms or consumer-product interaction. For example, our software can be utilized in order to observe client’s preference of following a certain route inside a store or their preference for standing in front of a product/product display and touching specific products in the store.
  1. Product testing
  • Our team can create experimental settings in which the subjects of the study can interact with the products that our clients wish to test before releasing them on the market. As such, our software can be utilized to see patterns of interaction with various products in an experimental setting.
  1. Human-Computer Interaction
  • Our software can be utilized in order to observe human-computer interaction, thus helping develop and adapt technology to consumer needs.
  1. Usability testing

The Focus Group

The Focus Group method involves a small group of people that are having an apparently open discussion on a particular subject, while being led by an experienced moderator.
This method offers you a great amount of valuable in-depth information that you can use to your advantage.

When can a focus group be of help?

  • Concept Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Concept Development– focus group brainstorming
  • Consumer Attitude Studies

Depth Interview

The Depth Interview is a qualitative research method that offers useful answers and marketing insights.
Depth Interviews gather valuable information with regard to consumers’ wishes and needs, and their expectations from a specific product or service. Moreover, one can obtain beneficial information concerning consumers’ attitudes, their preferences and beliefs, which can later help in efficiently segmenting the market, in promoting your brand/product effectively and, implicitly, in raising the market quota.
Through the smart use of this research method, our specialists can uncover the way in which consumers think, how they choose specific brands, the nature of their perceptions, together with buying and consuming behaviors, and many others.

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