Marketing Research

Ad Testing

Through Ad Testing, you can get an analysis of the reactions that consumers have when seeing an advertisement. You can thus find out through a live analysis if your message is getting across to your viewers or if you are transmitting something different from what you intended. This could have an unwanted effect on your campaign and implicitly on your image. The advertisement can be analyzed in a video, audio or image format.

Product Testing

By testing a product before launching it on the market, you can determine the way in which that product satisfies your customers’ needs, thus diminishing your rate of failure.

Concept Testing

Through the testing of a prototype you can bring about exactly those improvements that your product needs in order for it to determine consumers’ choice.

Concept Development

This service is utilized in developing new products or in improving existing ones so that they conform to the needs of the consumer.

    Methods through which Concept Development can be realized:
  • Through brainstorming

Consumer satisfaction

A high consumer satisfaction level brings forth a higher degree of loyalty for your product or company. By finding out the degree to which the consumer is satisfied and the methods through which the satisfaction can be raised, you ensure the success of your company.

Mystery shopping

Through the use of Mystery shopping you can measure service quality in fields in which client interaction gives rise to experiences that can be rated as positive or negative by your clients.

Mysterious clients put together reports that follow strict indicators, making this method more objective.

Image Studies

Brand or company Image Studies can help you identify your weak spots, your vulnerabilities, your strengths, and the opportunities that you could exploit in order to improve your image.

Market Segmentation

Consumers can be very similar but also very different when they make a decision with regard to what they want to buy. Market Segmentation can offer significant data concerning the similarities and differences between target groups and can tell you what it is that determines consumers to buy a particular brand.

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