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Personnel Recruitment

Recruiting for executive positions, middle and top management.

How do we choose the best candidate?

  1. Candidate selection- we will select exactly those candidates that are compatible with your requests.
  2. CBI-type preliminary interview
  3. Candidate evaluation – you have the possibility of obtaining a psychological profile of the potential candidate by choosing from a wide range of tests that reflect various aspects such as: personality traits, the degree of compatibility with the job according to the developmental level of professional competences, the predisposition towards a counterproductive behavior or the developmental level of cognitive abilities.
  4. Defining the short list according to 3 factors: the CBI interview, the percentage to which he/she is compatible with the job by taking into account the professional competences and the personality test, and the results obtained from the cognitive testing.

Personnel Assessment

Whether you want to choose the best candidate in a recruitment process, or you want to reevaluate your team, we come to your assistance with the most efficient methods of testing.

  • I want to know to what degree the candidate is compatible with the job – personality test and job compatibility according to 16 professional competences. The testing can be done online and you can get the answer immediately after the candidate has finished the test.
  • I want to know what is the developmental level of my candidate in terms of cognitive abilities – Analytic thinking, Analogic transfer, Working memory, Cognitive inhibition, Cognitive interference, Commutative Attention and Short-term memory, Mathematical reasoning, Mathematical calculating abilities, Visual form constancy, Perception of details, Complex perceptual analysis, Spatial orientation, Simple reaction time, Choice reaction time, Memory access reaction time, Decision-making ability.
  • I want to know my candidate’s strengths and to what extent he/she is predisposed towards counterproductive behavior such as theft, indolence, alcohol consumption or consumption of other substances.
  • I want to perform a testing specifically aimed at sales persons, in terms of professional success and of the basic abilities of a sales person.

Organizational Diagnosis

The Organizational Diagnosis has the role of identifying and measuring the causes for which there are differences between the expected and the actual performance of the company. This method involves building a testing instrument that is adapted to the needs of our client and that captures the vulnerabilities of the company while generating personalized solutions.

This service can be extremely useful if:

  • Your company is undergoing a crisis
  • Your company is no longer reaching the desired performance level
  • It is necessary to reorganize and make the current activity more efficient
  • It is necessary to restructure the company
  • There are certain blockages during the development of specific processes which lead to company losses
  • The company is either preparing for or has just implemented a major change
  • The Organizational Diagnosis is aimed at all the structures and functions of the company that is being analyzed, such as: management functions, internal communication, professional development, performance evaluation systems, employee satisfaction etc.

360º feedback

The 360 Evaluation gives you an overview which will help to objectively evaluate an employee.
With the help of this type of evaluation you can obtain clear data out of the feedback received from the persons that the employee interacts most with.
The various dimensions that are evaluated using the 360 questionnaire can be customized according to the necessities imposed by the company’s field of activity or by the position for which the evaluation is being made. As such, this instrument can include dimensions which vary from communication and interpersonal relationships up to creativity and problem-solving abilities.

The benefits of 360 Evaluation:

  • Perspective view: the same person is perceived differently if he/she is analyzed from distinct viewpoints. Therefore, most of the time an employee is valued by his superiors according to his professional achievements, by his colleagues according to his social skills and likeability, by his subordinates according to his leadership style etc. The 360 Evaluation can offer you a perspective view which will help objectively evaluate an employee.
  • Improving team relations: traditional systems of evaluation can deteriorate the relations between superiors and subordinates due to a number of factors such as evaluating according to recent professional achievements. The 360 Evaluation works in favor of a teamwork-friendly environment, established on trust, since the evaluation is done both horizontally and vertically.
  • This evaluation encourages honesty and helps people evaluate their own actions in order to reach optimum performance.
  • Employee satisfaction: This instrument offers managers and subordinates the opportunity of having a perspective view over their own behavior. Moreover, by asking subordinates to evaluate their own superiors, you show that the company’s management values the opinion of the employees which makes them feel cherished. This has a positive effect in terms of effective power and loyalty towards the company.
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